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Fan The Flames Of Revival In Your Heart

WARNING! This site is not for the faint hearted, namby-pamby, wishy-washy crowd that want a milky, tepid, lukewarm, spineless, gutless, flavourless gospel.

It is for those wanting a popping, hissing, pumping, throbbing, exploding-on-all-six-cylinders type of Christianity. The burning, raging, passionate on-fire for Jesus type! If that's you read on.

This is going to cause you to burn and churn and cause your heart to beat faster. When I land on an internet revival site, I don't want to fall asleep. I want something that will light my fire, press my button, ring my bell and rock my boat. Something that will catapult, thrust and propel me forwards in my walk with God. Something that will fast track me and blast me into the fast lane of spiritual experience and appetite; that will open my eyes and ears and heart for more of God's presence and fire. Something sizzling hot!! Even something soooo hot that you can hardly handle it - like a burning piece of coal, or like eating red hot Texan chilli that clean takes your breath away.

Read on only if you are:

Looking for a sizzling, red hot Christian experience
Desperate for revival fire in your heart
Wanting God to be No. 1 in your life
Desiring fresh intimacy with Jesus
Wanting to activate your hunger for heavenly things
Needing living water to gush out of your belly once again
Desiring to soak in God's glory and presence
Wanting to kickstart your dormant dream machine
Needing a release of a soul winner's fire in your heart

Are you choked up and bogged down with the worries and stress of daily living?
Has your heart crusted over? Have you lost your passion for the Word and prayer, and the things of God?

You are a candidate for Revival!

Don't wait a moment longer! You need a Revival now to break up the "hardened soil of your heart" and to release fresh fire, hunger and intimacy with God.

Are you a sloppy, careless Christian who does not even make the effort to take out the weeds and rocks from the hard soil of your heart?

The result will be a lukewarm heart that can't see God's face, hear His voice or feel His presence and heartbeat.

It's time right now to break free from your dull, boring, sub-standard existence and experience true Revival. Stop lingering with your feet in the water. It's time to dive right in.

But Revival does not happen automatically. The ball's in your court. What are you going to do?

Even Charles Finney, one of the most influential and impacting Revivalists of all time, who led one million people to Christ in his day, said:
"I need a personal revival in my life at least every three weeks, because my heart gets calloused and crusted over."

Are you ready?

To activate and stir up an intense godly appetite.

To fan the flames of Revival till it burns hot within you and breaks out of you and spreads and leaps over firebreaks, and burns up the wood of dead, dry religious tradition until it causes a heavenly awakening.

To rise up and wake up and shake off lethargy, complacency and apathy.

To cause a raging, burning fire of zeal and passion for Jesus and the things of God.

To cause a radical revival and a returning to your first love for the Lord.

To cause your heart to become so red hot that a thermometer would even burst if you tried to measure your spiritual temperature!

If so, then great news, your number's up! God is looking for you. Right now, right here.

God says that "When you shall seek for me with all of your heart, then you will find me".

Now is the time to seek. Now is the time to call out to God and stir up your heart and passion. Breakthrough and experience the Holy Spirit's presence. Let Revival break out in your own life right now!


Radical Revival by prophetic Fire Evangelist and Revivalist, Derek Gohl, is a sizzling, red-hot Revival-producing e-book which will unlock Heavenly fire and glory and will fan the flames of Revival in your heart. It could cause the greatest outpouring of God's Spirit that you have ever seen!

As you read the pages of Radical Revival you will see what you've never seen before. Radical Revival e-book will help you to:

Prepare for Revival
Understand the Need for Revival
Open Up and Believe in the Power of Revival
Pray for Revival
Hunger for Revival
Preach for Revival
Understand the Competition for Revival
Feel the Passion for Revival
Know the Ingredients of Revival

It's time for the wind to blow and the rain to fall and the fire to burn!
It's time for Revival!

Call to the Nations

Derek Gohl, evangelist and founder of World Revival Ministries , has been in fulltime ministry for 28 years preaching, evangelizing, prophesying and ministering to the sick. His passion has always been for revival and God has used him extensively as a revival fire evangelist, spreading red-hot Revival-producing messages across the globe. He has pioneered and pastored four churches and travelled extensively.

Derek has visited 21 different nations, like England, Wales, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand, preaching to activate people's hunger for God, and has made 13 trips to USA and Canada. He has also preached 17 times in the Indian Ocean Islands in places like Mauritius , Seychelles and Reunion etc.

Rodrigues Island

On the remote tropical Indian Ocean island of Rodrigues, 450 miles from Mauritius, an amazing outpouring of God's Spirit broke out as Derek preached in a tent on revival of the Christian heart. Meetings started at 4 in the afternoon and ended at 10 pm because the people didn't want to go home as the presence of God was so intense and so strong. People were falling over without anyone praying for them! The tent was jam-packed. Hundreds were standing outside. People would rush to the front of the tent & fall on top of one another. People were getting saved and changed. Everyone in the main town seemed to be there, including the local Catholic priests. After 29 incredible days in the glory of God, we had to leave because our visas had expired.

Silver City, New Mexico, U.S.A.

What started out as a week's scheduled revival had to be extended to five weeks, as people were coming from other states because they heard about the revival fire that broke out in an Assemblies of God church. The presence of God there was so strong and powerful. Passion, hunger and first love for God were ignited once again and lives were radically changed.

Cape Town, South Africa

What a difference when God breaks through in a week's revival meetings in a tent in Athlone! Meetings were packed and people stood for hours outside the tent in the rain because once again, the amazing presence of God captivated and consumed them. There were testimonies of people seeing angels in the meetings. Among those saved one night were two young men who got so impacted by the Holy Spirit that they both ended up as pastors in fulltime ministry who planted their own churches.

"Derek is a radical and bold preacher. He is radically in love with Jesus, radical about the Word of God, radical about missions and winning souls for Jesus, radical about prayer, radical about encouraging and supporting leadership, radical about revival. Derek has held many crusades at our church as well as many other A.O.G. churches. I bear witness that his ministry bears much fruit, as many of our members today are souls that were saved in Derek's crusades." - Pastor Peter Pass, Director of Missions of Assemblies of God Association in South Africa, Athlone, Cape Town.

"Derek Gohl is an anointed minister from South Africa. He is an Apostolic Revivalist and travels all over the world, moving in the gifts of the Spirit. He especially ministers in the area of the prophetic. He is full of the fire of God, bringing revival wherever he ministers. Do not miss these two nights as Derek will minister the word of God and the Holy Spirit will touch and minister to each one present. I was touched in a supernatural way in one of Derek's meetings and refreshed by the timely word that God gave him for me." - Dr. Gwen Correll, Life Abundant Ministry (Television and Radio) & John G Lake Healing Rooms, Somerset, Kentucky, U.S.A.

"This morning we are beginning an Easter Revival with Evangelist Derek Gohl of Cape Town, South Africa. Rev. Gohl has pastored churches in South Africa and held revivals around the world. A minister friend of mine who has had some of the best preachers in America says: 'Derek Gohl is one of the best preachers I have had at my church!'" - Pastor Dennis Peace, Abundant Life Worship Center, Paris, Kentucky, U.S.A.

Prepare The Way For Revival

Fan the flames of revival in your heart until it causes an unforgettable, undeniable, irresistible, unstoppable, mountain-moving, devil-defeating, world-overcoming, curse-destroying Revival and move of the Holy Spirit that will spill out of your heart, out of your church, out of your city and nation, and become part of the thick tsunami wave of the golden glory of God that will sweep over and flood the entire earth till we cry out "Revival, nothing more and nothing less!!"

If you are hungry for this outpouring of the Spirit... if you are desperate for God to move... then click on the order button below and download Radical Revival for only $3.00 today.

God wants us to expect him to move and revive us. He is pleased when we diligently search for and expect him.

"But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him." Hebrews 11:6.

Hook up to God's purpose

When you purchase Radical Revival e-book you will automatically receive 5 Weekly Red-hot Revival Messages directly into your inbox.

These messages will motivate and prepare you for Revival.

"These letters will cause you to rise up, like rising up in a hot air balloon .. up up and away!
They will put a tiger in your tank.
They will put some pep in your step.
They will rock your boat, light your fire and ring your bell!
It will be like fuelling up with super-duper, high octane, thermo-nuclear gas.

Sizzling, red hot Revival-producing messages! Messages that will unlock heavenly fire and glory! That will fan the flames of Revival in your heart. That could cause the greatest outpouring of God's Spirit that we have ever seen! For it's time for the wind to blow and the rain to fall and for the fire to burn. God's time for revival is always now! We're waiting for God, but He's waiting for us.

There's No Risk To Try It Out

For a full 30 days, see for yourself how you can experience your own personal Revival and a returning to your first love for the Lord.

For a full 30 days, feel what it's like to rise up and once more feel His presence, hear His voice and be thrust forward in your walk with God, with a new song and a fresh contagious testimony.

Take your time. Review Derek's red-hot Radical Revival e-book and activate your own Godly appetite.

If it's not what you were expecting, no problem. Simply contact us for a full refund of your purchase price.

One more thing.

This e-book is not for the faint-hearted!

Not for the namby-pamby, wishy-washy, chicken-livered Christians who are satisfied with a dull, boring, lack-lustre, tepid, low level, low maintenance, lukewarm, spineless, gutless, flavourless, odourless, harmless, sorry excuse for a spiritual experience that wouldn't even have enough power in it to blow your nose, even if your life depended on it.

Here's to Your Radical Revival.

Derek Gohl Signature

Derek Gohl
Prophetic Fire Evangelist and Revivalist
World Revival Ministries


P.S. Order now and get five weekly sizzling, red-hot Revival messages, absolutely FREE!

P.P.S. I believe that this will be one of the most important e-books that you will ever read in your life. This is a radical guide on how to stimulate and activate your hunger for God. Once you go through the e-book - and master its powerful message - you'll be on your way to expecting and experiencing a great outpouring of God's Spirit activating and releasing a Revival that will sweep away all that stands in its way.


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